DJ Equipment Tips and Tricks

Reasons for Wanting To Be an Expert at Mixing


Every DJ has his own reason for mixing, but if I had to put a goal to it, I would say that simply the goal of mixing is to make sure you actually bring out the very best in any multi-track recording. This is achieved through adjusting of the levels, also panning, and not forgetting all time based audio effects in terms of their relationships between one another. So what does a multi track recording actually mean then? Simple, it's a recording that consists of more than just the one track. It's worth pointing out that tracks are also know to industry insiders as stems. Is there a correct number of tracks to use then for a given piece of music? Well not really, but you obviously shouldn't have zero stems in your track when using your DJ equipment. The final piece of the puzzle is known as the mixdown which is the process completed before what is simply known as mastering.

Now let's get to the meat on the bone of what I'm trying to get across to all you aspiring DJs out there. If I can give you one piece, one golden nugget of advice it's that you need to learn exactly how to mix. It really is not important if you're going to record your tracks using microphones or pre-amps or by using samples that are pre-recorded, that's not the point. What is the point is that you will need to use the best for beginner DJ equipment wisely and with skill in order to learn to mix like a pro. This in turn will ensure that you become a much better music producer. In order to get started with mixing you will need to follow a guide in order to take your creativeness up to the maximum level it can be.

Choosing the best software for your DJ equipment

This is a major part of your learning process when studying mixing. There's a lot to choose from so it can be a daunting task. There's a lot of Digital Audio Workstations which are known in the industry as DAWs. Now rather than me telling you exactly which one is the best to go with, I would recommend to go with which one suits the genre of music you wish to mix on your dj equipment. But one thing is for sure - You need to know whichever DAW you choose like the back of your hand.